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"I can't say enough good things about Matt Woolsey with Green Valley Acupuncture! I originally saw Matt for a torn meniscus. I was a naysayer with regards to alternative medicine. I had seen multiple doctors and none of them could agree on treatment for my knee. After time both of my knees started having problems because I was favoring the one knee. It was getting to the point that I needed crutches to be able to get around. Acupuncture was recommended by a massage therapist and I felt it was the last resort after having tried physical therapy, B12 shots and whatever else was recommended by different doctors. Matt took the time to really understand what the problem was and within just a few treatments I had my mobility back and I was walking without crutches. It has been 4 years since I first saw Matt for my knee and I haven't had problems since then. Such a miracle worker. I have continued to see Matt the last 4 years for various other problems such as severe insomnia. I never expected to find someone that could help me with all my anxiety and get my mind to calm down enough to find rest. I had taken every sleep medication doctors could prescribe with such adverse reactions. Once Matt took over that issue I have been able to get a restful night’s sleep for the first time in many, many years. It was amazing!!! I also have seen Matt to help with stress and the pain it brought to my shoulders and neck. As always Matt knew just what was needed. I just can't imagine where I would be without Matt and his amazing skills as an acupuncturist." ~ Jen R


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"I appreciate the skill, knowledge, and Matt's warmth." ~ Susanna F.

"Matt is the best acupuncturist I've had in the 20 years I have been using acupuncture." ~ Linda H.

"Always a pleasant experience." ~ Sara D.

"Matt is great. He makes sure you feel so comfortable. Thank you Matt." ~ Marie W.

"Treatment has been excellent in treating my low back pain." ~ Maryann M.

"Superb communication skills and very clearly presenting treatment options/avenues. Relaxing environment."
~ Margaret N.

"I'm really glad I found my way back to Matt. It's another kind of 'grounding' experience for me." ~ Connie C.

"Fantastic!!!" ~ Rita G.

"Very welcome environment." ~ Donna K.

"Matt is the ultimate professional. What a great pleasure and extreme confidence I have in him." ~ Bill W.

"Matt has helped me a great deal with my lower back and sciatica pain." ~ Mark C.

"Matt listened to me, paid attention to my health history and didn't rush. I got a lot of needed information. AND I feel better all over!" ~ Eddie K.

"I felt better almost immediately!" ~ Margaret S.

"Matt is professional, kind, non-judgemental and explains everything." ~ Gayle P.

"I have been utilizing Eastern traditional medicine for about the past 25 years. In that experience, I have not had a practitioner who is better than Matt Woolsey. As a senior in Green Valley, I experience the aches, pains, and other issues common to our age group. Working with Matt, we have been successful in alleviating all of them. His rates are very reasonable compared to other practices, and his expertise in his discipline and his range of medical knowledge in general are extensive.  What has impressed me the most, however, is the time and attention he gives to his clients. Every session begins with a discussion of the results from the previous session and your current status. Not only does he provide the time for a thorough discussion, Matt actually listens and pays attention to what you have to tell him. I have referred my wife to his practice and would do so for anyone.” ~ Mark Y. Green Valley, AZ

"Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, but many seem unaware of the benefits. Matt is knowledgeable in treating the whole patient and not just the symptoms. It is extremely beneficial that every visit he discusses what is happening in the patient's life. The mind is a powerful tool for wellness and knowing where to place the needles profoundly affects the release of pain for me. My pain is a combination of physical and mental. Matt and I also discuss authors and podcasts such as Wim Hof and Sadhguru as tools for physical and mental health. If everyone were open to acupuncture, they would find there is relief for symptoms they thought were hopeless.” ~ Sara D..

"Matt has been an absolute lifesaver! I had truly debilitating sciatica during pregnancy. I'd leave every session feeling amazing. He also helped with my awful insomnia and anxiety. He truly takes the time to find the root of the problem and help you treat or completely get rid of it.” ~ Alex H.

"I feel 100% better since getting acupuncture. The [neck and shoulder] pain was horrendous. It would come and go in waves. I had been in pain for 2 weeks. It is like night and day since I had the treatment. ~ T.S.

"Regarding my shoulder, there is only 5% of the pain left. It is hardly anything. The acupuncture treatment is part of my self-care team. I am really so much better.” ~ D.S.

"Matt has really helped me a debilitating vestibular disorder which caused me to be dizzy. After 3 treatments I was significantly better! Thank you, Matt.” ~ Lisa S.

"It is almost like my leg pain never happened. It feels so good now.” ~ C.B.

"I have had a lot of improvement to the point that I forget the pain. Thank you for your gifts, your time, and your insights.” ~ M.K.

"This treatment is really going to help me.” ~ T.S..

I have found great relief at Green Valley Acupuncture. I have had help with specific problems with my lower back, hips, and neck and shoulder. I have little or no pain and greater mobility each time I have a treatment there.  My session feels like a reset for my whole body.  I am more relaxed and energized and can think more clearly.  I am grateful for this non-invasive treatment and highly recommend Green Valley Acupuncture." ~ CF

Three years ago, I had back surgery to relieve pain related to two pinched nerves in my lumbar area. However, I continued with back and leg pain. I pursued every option available, including spinal injections, prescription medication for nerve pain, physical therapy, multiple exercises, chiropractic treatment, CBD oil and CBD ointment. Nothing helped until I met Matt Woolsey and began acupuncture treatment. Matt is very knowledgeable and was thorough in both listening to my concerns and explaining why I was having the continued pain. He is very professional, skilled, licensed and bonded Acupuncturist. I can't say enough for those of you who are considering this manner of treatment. Thanks, Matt for your help in finally bringing relief to my aching back.”  ~ MaryAnn G. - Green Valley, AZ

Matt Woolsey was recommended to me by my Physical Therapist.  I had a pinched nerve in my lower back that was quite uncomfortable.  I made an appointment and several days later I went to Matt.  He asked me thoughtful and pointed questions about my situation and I came to feel that he understood what was going on with my back. I felt confidant that together we could formulate a plan to help me heal.  In fact, that is just what happened.  I can’t explain how acupuncture works, just that it does.  I asked lots of questions, all of which Matt answered thoughtfully and thoroughly.  The process is painless and even includes a restful, quiet time to “cook” and allow the process to work. Matt Woolsey is professional, very good at what he does, and has a quiet but positive way about him that builds confidence in the science of acupuncture.  At the end of eight weeks I was pain free.  Thank you, Matt!”  ~ Linda Sielken

It sounds cliché, but Matt has truly changed my life (and possibly saved my organs.)  I have worked with Matt many times over the last few years while seeking alternatives to medications for my pain.  I have a recurrent cervical disk herniation that can be utterly debilitating.  I admit I was skeptical about acupuncture as I am a Registered Nurse and hold tightly to my allopathic ideals.  But when I began suffering depression, lethargy, and constipation because of my frequent narcotic use, I saw Matt figuring I had nothing to lose.  The results were remarkable.  I was warned that the therapy would not provide the “quick-fix” one expects from a couple [of] Percocet, but my experience was pretty immediate in the relief I enjoyed.  Over the years I have returned to Matt for pain relief, emotional distress, and even brutal constipation (which he fixed when the over the counter medications could not).   These treatments not only allow me to work and function safely and soberly through times of unfortunate exacerbation, but I believe they are wholly kinder to my body and disposition than ‘conventional’ western therapies.”  ~ KK

My accident occurred in late January. I fell on my left side, and it seemed as though every muscle in my body froze up.  During February, March, and April, I was almost an invalid.  Physical therapy didn’t seem to help that much.  A friend of mine suggested that I try acupuncture, and I thought, “Why not?”  That’s when I connected with Matthew Woolsey.  I noticed improvement after the first treatment.  Now I am almost back to normal, and I am a believer.  I feel that after a few more treatments and I’ll be better than normal.  Thanks Matt!”  ~ Bill Denlinger

I have suffered with TMJ and severe headaches for just over 30 years now.  Pain killers and doctors have not been any help.  I lose a lot of sleep because of the pain and it affects my life in so many little ways.   So I was very pleased to have come across Matt at Green Valley Acupuncture.  After just a few sessions, Matt has given me much needed relief.  I can sleep through the night!  He is passionate about what he does. I would highly recommend Matt to my family and friends.”   ~ KW

I was diagnosed 10 years ago with “Severe Tinnitus” due to my military service of loading bombs onto aircraft. It has resulted in severe insomnia, depression, and anxiety issues.  The worst of it is the insomnia.  Having tried all hearing devices, snake oil pills, countless sleep meds and countless drugs, I found that none of these helped with the insomnia.  I go to the gym daily, meditate, but could not sleep due to the constant ringing."

All of my options were depleted.  So, I had a consult with Matthew Woolsey.  I have been in treatment for 6 months and have received favorable results.  Thank God!  Matt basically gave me a new life!  I’ve been sleeping 5 to 6 hours and the intense ringing has subsided somewhat.  The staff is very professional and operate a first-class clinic!  Acupuncture goes way back and I truly believe it has helped me. I would personally like to thank them and would highly recommend their services to anyone, including fellow veterans, for any medical or health related issues.  Great job guys!  Again, I thank you.”  ~ JD USMC Vietnam Veteran

I have had headaches for as long as I can remember, probably caused by a neck injury when I was a very young child. Through the years I have tried various doctors and their treatments to help me deal with these headaches. I shied away from Acupuncture when it was first suggested to me, but I finally decided to give it a try. Luckily, a friend advised me to see Matt (in the Green Valley). He was and is very caring and pays attention to all I have to say. the needles don’t usually hurt, but when they do he adjusts them immediately. I am now the one advising friends to at least try acupuncture, and I will not hesitate to seek help from Matt again as issues arise.” ~ Patti Burkitt Green Valley, AZ

I have been diagnosed with 'Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia.' For several years, I have had pain on the side of my head at the site of an injury from a car wreck 30 years ago. The pain started as intermittent, but over the last few years became constant and more intense. I’ve seen several doctors, endured MRI’s, been prescribed a lot of pharmaceuticals, had painful injections at the site, and nothing has been effective. I saw Matt’s name pop up when I was googling for alternative treatments. I was immediately impressed with Matt’s very calm and assured demeanor. He also had a totally new way of thinking about what was causing the pain, and it made a great deal of sense. So I began acupuncture therapy. I must say the relief has been profound and amazing. After the very first treatment, I was pain-free for the first time in several years. I have continued to see Matt and have continued to get prolonged and tremendous relief. I am very grateful for his help.” ~ CC

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) 5 years ago. In Dec. 28, 2016, I was dining with 3 friends in a restaurant as part of our annual Christmas celebration and visit.  We were so glad exchanging notes. Then while, I was talking so excited and in the middle of a sentence, the painful electric shock came rudely and terminated all visits for me.  I grabbed a paper napkin to write what I could not say, to excused myself because of an attack of a neurological disease that is very painful.   Then my ability to chew food was reduced to nothing so I would settle to food that I could drink.  Even smoothie was painful to pull in sometimes. Talking was mostly limited to a few words, because of fear to get ended abruptly. Whenever I planned to talk on the phone, I made sure I was on anti-seizure pill.  If you heard or knew of these before, you know there is a long list beyond, so I won’t waste our time.

My search for an acupuncturist was mostly online. Websites are not completely reliable because you have to read between the lines even as TN is hardly mentioned. Very few people know or heard about Trigeminal Neuralgia either so I don’t really trust  2nd or 3rd person statements.  After two long weeks, and lots of dead ends,  I had an appointment with Matt Woolsey on January 11, 2017.

First time I talked to Matt, I knew I could trust his knowledge and ability to help me. He asked me questions that resonate  what the doctor at a nearby Neurology Center,    addressed   5 years ago. Even though I was helped then, the medications that were prescribed give side effects that should scare anyone.  I can’t tell you enough that Matt’s approach to know his clients/patients is vastly different from the few  interviews I made earlier. Matt is very respectful of my questions and answered each one the best he could, did neither promise overnight cure nor the world of cure for every needle point.  He even said that some people take time to cure more than others.  In fact that’s what he said before he gave me an appointment. I knew I trusted him from the get go. 

I asked for a bi-weekly treatment.   Seizure scares me as much as heart attack or stroke. Perhaps because of its indescribable pain.  I pray never to go thru one again.

Today, February 3rd, 2017, I told Matt the following:  I am able to chew food by the left side of my mouth. I can brush my teeth “carefully” even on the left areas. I have not taken any anti-seizure medication for 2/3 weeks now. I’m not afraid to talk to anyone even on the phone.  Oh, yes, I can smile again without fear.  Did you know that some of us couldn’t even smile in those dark times?  

Today Matt and I agreed to discharge this patient, me because we think the rest of the body is happily returning to normal self and yes, life.   I am honored to be a recipient of this blessing.  I thank The Universe, or by many Other Names for Matt Woolsey and his gift to help many people like me.  When you find his name, remember my story.  It’s the  truth.” ~ DD

"I went to Matthew Woolsey with a lower back pain that I had had for a few months and that was getting worse. I am 62 years old and all my life have had occasional back pains due to muscle spasms. This was the worst I can remember it being. As well as pain when sitting or laying down, I had a tender, what seemed like a knot of muscle on one side of my back. I had tried Swedish massage and applying simple pressure to the knot.

Matthew applied 'tui na' to the area and then acupuncture and the effect was immediate. After the first visit, the knot was greatly reduced and the pain associated with sitting almost gone. After the second visit, the pain and the knot were both gone. I cannot overstate how relieved I was that this episode seems to be over and the skill that Matt used in understanding and fixing the problem. Simple massage to the area did not have had the specific effect that tui na and acupuncture achieved (I had tried it). Neither did simply applying pressure alone to the knot help. My thanks to Matt and for this treatment and the skill that he employed.” ~ Tim Pearson

I travel almost an hour each way to have Green Valley acupuncture treatments from Matt Woolsey.  There are many other acupuncturists nearer to where I live.  However, it is Matt Woolsey who successfully treated my pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia, Type 2.  Trigeminal Neuralgia is a chronic pain condition that affects the 5th cranial nerve.  I had chronic and constant stabbing and shock-like pain in my face and head.  The extreme pain affected my lifestyle."

I am unable to tolerate the medication that was prescribed for Trigeminal Neuralgia, and I am not a candidate for surgery.  Therefore, acupuncture is one of the few modalities available to me.  Before I had acupuncture treatments from Matt Woolsey, I had over two years of acupuncture treatments from two different acupuncturists.  Neither of these two acupuncturists were as successful as Matt in reducing the intensity and frequency of my facial pain.

From the first acupuncture treatment I had from Matt, I started to have immediate pain relief, in intensity and frequency.  I am now on maintenance treatment, and I consider myself almost in remission.  I am pain free most of the time.  I have resumed my normal lifestyle, which was on hold for over two years.

Matt listens well to all my complaints and needs. He asks good questions to learn more about my condition and pain.  Because Trigeminal Neuralgia, Type 2 is a rare and very painful condition, Matt spent his own time to do research to learn more about this condition.  Matt really cares about my health and he provided me with very professional and effective acupuncture treatments.

I feel blessed that I came to Matt Woolsey.  If you have Trigeminal Neuralgia, or any other neurological problem, I suggest that you make an appointment with Matt Woolsey.  Then, you can say as I do, 'Thank you, Matt.' ” ~ Irene F

"I feel blessed that I came to Matt Woolsey.  If you have Trigeminal Neuralgia, or any other neurological problem, I suggest that you make an appointment with Matt Woolsey.  Then, you can say as I do, “Thank you, Matt.”” ~ Irene F

Matt takes great care in his treatment protocol and I have benefited greatly feeling whole and balanced after every treatment.”  ~ Dorene Duckstein LMT

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