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At Green Valley Acupuncture, we utilize the full range of Chinese Medicine to help correct imbalances in the body: from Acupuncture to TuiNa Therapy. Read the descriptions below to learn more about the different types of holistic therapies we employ.


Acupuncture is the use of fine, filiform needles inserted into strategic acu-points to effect a change in the body. Our bodies know how to be healthy, but sometimes it just needs a nudge in the right direction. This is what acupuncture does, nudges or reminds the body to work in a more harmonious fashion. These points are located all over the body. However, we use points located on the arms and legs for the most part. The needles are designed to minimize pain on insertion. We have developed techniques where most people don’t really feel the needles at all. The needles are sterile, one time use only. We never reuse needles.

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TuiNa Therapy

TuiNa (pronounced twee-na) is a very old form of hands on bodywork. Some of the techniques used are similar to massage therapy or shiatsu. TuiNa works with the channels of acupuncture to effect a change in the body. We oftentimes utilize it when working on pain syndromes. Together with acupuncture, it can help alleviate many types of structural dysfunctions.

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Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs are a great resource. We use herbs in situations where acupuncture isn’t enough to effect a change. Sometimes our bodies don’t have enough of the raw materials (vitamins, minerals, and other phytochemicals) to be in balance. Herbs provide these raw materials. Certain herbs have been found, through centuries of trial and error, to help certain imbalances. We use them selectively and use only the highest quality to ensure efficacy and safety.

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Auricular Therapy

Auricular Therapy is a micro-system of acupuncture. What does this mean? Acupuncture uses points all over the whole body to effect a change. Auricular therapy utilizes only the external ear (the auricle) to effect a change. In fact, the whole body is mapped on the external ear and by use of needles or ear seeds (more common in our clinic) we can reinforce our treatments. We use ear seeds (from the vacarria plant), which are small and hard and are applied using small squares of ‘band-aid’ to select points on the ear. What is great about using seeds is that they can be worn for days at a time, rather than needles which are only used minutes at a time.

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Fire Cupping

Fire cupping (or cupping) is a great tool for helping to relieve congested tissues. A lot of times with trauma, tight muscles, or pain there is underlying congestion of blood and fluids in the skin and muscles. Cupping provides a strong suction to break up that congestion which allows for fresh blood to move into the area to provide relief from pain and tightness. Cupping usually leaves circular marks on the skin that look like bruises but are not painful. Depending on how severe the congestion, the marks may last up to a week.

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Moxibustion is the burning of the Mugwort leaf (Artemesium Folium). We use this in a few different types of applications. But with all of them, the idea is to add heat into the underlying tissues. Ever get painful joints with cold and damp weather? Then you might need some moxibustion. We never apply the moxa directly to the skin, but near it to add heat. Multiple studies have shown that no other herb or substance has quite the therapeutic effect as mugwort to penetrate into the body so effectively to provide a therapeutic effect.

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